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Anniversaries  and important dates in Emilia Romagna
English Blog · April 12, 2021
Here you will find major events and major dates in history, from the Battle of Ravenna to the commemorations of opera premieres. From the Roman Empire to the present day. It happened in Emilia Romagna and I will also tell you about it there.

WWII in Emilia Romagna
English Blog · April 12, 2021
Short notices about WWII and resistance in Emilia Romagna, heros, episodes of battles, massacres, resistance and liberation along the gothic line and in the region.

Ladies first, especially the famous ones
English Blog · April 12, 2021
Let's meet the famous ladies of our region Emilia Romagna, scientist, Saints, martyrs, singers, writers... Bologna and the university and the papa State contributed to enhance the importance of women in the region.

The  Movies in Emilia Romagna
English Blog · March 25, 2021
Many movies in and around Ferrara like " the woman of the river" masterpiece by Mario Soldati, set in Comacchio where Sofia Loren stars as a worker in a Eels cannery. An internationally successful for ever

English Blog · February 01, 2021
Welcome back! We all have an immense desire to start traveling again, to visit, to walk through the streets of the cities and the paths and to believe in it ... But planning and enjoying the visit from now on will be even more complicated without the collaboration of an expert guide. Tourist manuals and websites are not yet updated and often report false informations on how to visit. Some restaurants and hotels will unfortunately no longer reopen...

English Blog · June 23, 2020
Only this year to see a unique piece in a private visit : the Griffoni polyptych

English Blog · May 28, 2020
We are ready to start but we miss our visitors.

English Blog · April 02, 2020
What does a Tourguide do during Quarantine ?