Motor Valley

Land of prestigious supercars and motorcycles

There are two things that man will never admit not to know how to do: drive and make love.

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Emilia-Romagna is crossed by the "Motor Valley" and offers enthusiasts the opportunity to enter the world of the most famous vehicles in the world: With the expertise of a licensed guide and a little room to book, visit museums (and sometimes factories) DUCATI, LAMBORGHINI, FERRARI, MASERATI, PAGANI is now possible. Definitely an unforgettable experience for Monsieur.


You will find below some of the many possible guided tours for which you will not have to worry about the reservation or the search for availability. However, the visit is subject to reconfirmation and requires advance payment and strict compliance with the rules and timetables imposed by the management of these automobile companies. It is essential to have a vehicle or to request a car with driver to visit the Motor Valley with a guide. This way you can see at least 2 motor sites in half a day!


Write me on the dedicated chat line and I will be happy to inform you to better set your visit.

Lamborghini Mudetec Museum in Sant'Agata Bolognese

In depth 2 hours

At the Lamborghini Museum, you will discover with guideinBologna the fascinating history, the emblematic models which for more than fifty years of innovation have projected Lamborghini into the future. From the first visionary creations of Ferruccio Lamborghini's genius such as the Miura and the Countach to the most recent and exclusive super sports cars, each one has its history.

For the lucky ones who also choose to visit the factory, you will continue with an internal guide who will explain the production lines for about 45 minutes, step by step for the assembly of the surprising V12 Aventador

It is only by seeing that we can understand how Italian magical sport cars can be desired and loved all over the world.

Warning ! children under 6 and people with walking difficulties are not allowed to visit the factory. Wheelchair access is permitted.

The Lamborghini Funo Museum

In depth  2 hours

There is another museum, the Ferruccio Lamborghini museum,  and with  an expert guide you can take a guided tour of Lamborghini's museum not far from Bologna. We will tell you Ferruccio's life through his mechanical creations and a vast family photographic archive. This huge but intimate space, designed by entrepreneur Tonino Lamborghini to celebrate the memory of his father, was inaugurated in 2014.

The 9000 square meters of the Museum contain all the industrial production of Ferruccio, from the first Carioca tractor, with which he founded his first company in 1947, all the most important models of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Personal items, official documents and photos from the period will immerse you in the history of Italy during the economic boom of the 1950s and 1960s. This visit must be done with an expert guide so as not to lose anecdotes and important details!

The Ducati Museum in Borgo Panigale

In depth 2 hours

This museum on the outskirts of Bologna is a historic building and with the motor expert guideinbologna, you will live the complete experience to enter the past and present of Ducati. To find out how the myth of the Borgo Panigale Reds was born by discovering the places, the characters, the technologies and especially and the motorcycles that helped to launch the Ducati brothers towards the success of the engines.

Fans will definitely want to visit the factory too and I'll take care of your reservation inside. Due to very strict regulations, you will then be accompanied by a Ducati guide for around 60 minutes in Italian or English with other people. (other languages for groups).

The Pagani Atelier

In depth 2 hours

 this guided tour of  Pagani must be booked well in advance. The  Pagani house is 30 minutes from Bologna, you enter a truly "haute couture" and exclusive world of automobile production. The most complete experience to enter the world of Horacio Pagani. Visit the workshop and the collection of super sports cars as Huayra and  Zonda, that impress with their technology and design.

The visit lasts about an hour, so I recommend combining it with a visit to another museum in the region (see next, The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena Centro).

The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena Centro

In depth 2 hours

This museum with an inimitable design allows you to understand the origins of the founder and to see his birthplace, today transformed into a museum with thematic exhibitions. In the vast and innovative Ferrari yellow exhibition hall, dozens of exclusive models, often unique in the world, loaned by collectors and movie stars are exhibited on a thematic basis. At regular times, exciting short movies depict the life and success of Enzo Ferrari on the curvilinear parts of the room: It’s grandioso! The visit lasts 1 hour and more, and your expert guide will explain the family life of the “commendatore with its ups and downs, its philosophy, its successes and its occasional failures.

Maranello and the Ferrari Gallery

In depth itinerary

Maranello is located 28 km from Modena and is home to the historic factory from the 1940s, the “F1 sports management” section and the first museum dedicated to Enzo Ferrari.

The whole city lives in yellow or red and we will drive around to see the citadel of the Ferrari factory from the outside, the Fiorano track from the outside, the monument to Gilles Villeneuve, other dedications by the city and especially the gallery of the museum where according to the exhibition theme subject of the semester, we will talk about history, prototypes, first successes, alternative races, innovation and technology of formula 1 applied to “sports ” and“ Grand Turismo ” walking among cars of exceptional beauty.

But don't forget! if you want to drive a supercar have a look at the EXPERIENCE page.

There are many other possibilities with private museums and tours in the region. Don't hesitate to ask me!