About me

"When I grow up, I want to be a guide" N.Z

There are journeys that are done with a single baggage: t h e     h e a r t .    Audrey Hepburn

Good day from Italy!

My name is Nathalie Zaveroni and I was born in the now french island called Corsica, the "island of beauty", better known as Napoleon's birthplace.

From my birth, my cradle was a suitcase because my father's professional transfers were reflected in frequent moves.

So I grew up with my suitcase that accompanied me around the world until the baccalaureate.


This is also the reason why I obtained on a distance/mail program my BTS higher degree in arts and techniques of tourism in France  thus realizing my childhood dream : becoming a guide lecturer and tour guide in Europe and in the world.  At 21 , I was  travelling more than ever by profession !


Filled with the profession passion pair, I was perfecting my studies in Italy when my heart landed in Bologna. Without hesitation, I temporarily put my suitcase down to marry my Italian and passed the local Bologna tourist guide exam in 2003.


Without completely abandoning the accompanied trips, I passed the exams required to guide in other art cities of the region. The passion, the numerous visits, the continuous researches allowed me to become an expert of the destination Italy and an official, dynamic tourist guide, of Emilia Romagna.  Always up to date with courses and  conferences, I collaborate  with regional museums to  guide art  exhibitions. I am trained  to guide with expertise the visually impaired or blind,  I am an ONAV ONAF  certified  wine and cheese taster. 


Being a tour guide  is a source of joy, exchanges, mutual esteem towards my fellow guides, shop owners, and all the tourism players that I meet every day and that allow me to happily feel "a casa".

Almost everything fascinates me... family, people, art, animals,  handicrafts, reading, history...


I practice caving when I have time for myself, I paint and I travel... My suitcase is now very light ...:

Time has taught me that the essential is contained in our head and our heart: knowledge and memories...