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Anita Krizzan

A guide, a ceertitude

On this page you will find ideas for doing something really special that will give you unforgettable emotions. To make them possible I collaborate with professionals, people with a charisma and remarkable artistic or sporting qualities. Our art, our landscapes, our cuisine and our hospitality can transform a moment of cultural discovery into the memory of your life.


JUST IN CASE : I have also added some additional services for your special moment to celebrate, a surprise to offer, but also what to do in case of complications. But remember that nothing, or almost nothing, is impossible, and my visitors often become my friends.

Experiences in Bologna

Bologna in Love

Must -see 2 hours

This is a guided walking tour of Bologna on the theme of love, where I would take you to see the secret angles of the city that were theatre of romantic, tragic or a little bit spicy history! many stories and anecdotes, I am sure, will still be on your lips after the visit!

Treasure hunt in Bologna

Must-see 3 hours

Are you looking for a team building activity or a different tour? the tailor-made treasure hunt ensures that the participants interact with the local population, often overcoming linguistic obstacles and having to pronounce a few words in dialect or in Italian, finding hidden products, obtaining an envelope from an accomplice merchant only if you have taken the right photo. It is no longer the old treasure hunt with a map but a series of tests to be crossed to reach the mysterious goal with a playful spirit.

Romantic sunset at the top of the tower

In depth 2 hours

 Imagine yourself receiving the old key to a tower built 800 years ago and being able to walk through its 12 levels to discover a breathtaking view once you arrive on the panoramic terrace. During the ascent, the local guide in Bologna reveals the history and intrigue of this mysterious place, the miseries of its prisoners, the construction techniques.


If you are celebrating something VERY important, why not ask the owner of this tower to spend the night there, wrapped in a unique atmosphere where the charming decor is underlined by exquisite details to make it one of the best bed & breakfasts most appreciated in Italy ... only difference: only one room. Yours.

Bologna in Segway

In depth 3 hours


Guided tours are exciting, but a touch of fun to stimulate the discovery can make the visit fun even for adults. With the help of the Segway and respect for traffic rules, the guided tour also extends beyond the "must-see" route and the city of arcades becomes even more seductive! (segways are available in all cities but Bologna with the richness of its exteriors is the most suitable)

Bologna and the Baths of Mario

In depth itinerary

This is a special tour suitable for adventurous spirits NOT requiring physical effort. Only a 25 minutes walk to reach the entry point of the underground passage and about twenty steps, after which the path is very short and very easy.


What is it about? Despite the name, these are not thermal baths, but the water decantation system that once supplied the fountain of Neptune in Piazza Maggiore. A real work of art with incredible ramifications and features that the guide will explain to you. We will also see remains of decorations that no one would have ever seen, but in the 16th century, aesthetics wanted its share even in the darkest places. Confortable shoes. No risk of getting wet, no danger, suitable for children.

At a Luthier

In depth 1,5 hours

Discover with this walking guided tour of Bologna and Music, the great musical tradition, especially in the 18th century. Only a few MAESTRI in the city  are now able to perpetuate the art of violin making. We will therefore have the opportunity to enter the workshop of an expert luthier who will explain step by step the passages and techniques for the making of a violin, from the choice of wood to the finishes.

Experiences outside Bologna

Ravenna: a mosaic workshop

In depth 3 to 6 hours

After visiting the DOMUS DEI TAPPETI MOSAICS  with a guide in Ravenna,  fix the day with the creation of your mosaic under the direction of a renowned Maestro of the art of mosaic in Ravenna. All professional equipment will be made available to you and you will learn the real technique of the magnificent mosaics of 1500 years ago. You will be treated as exclusive guests and followed by the master, interpreter, tea and pastries included! Take your mosaic at home.

Faenza: an artistic ceramic workshop

In depth 3 to 6 hours

 After visiting the museum of Ceramic in Faenza, the capital of ceramic art (with pieces by Picasso and other great painters). we enter a traditional workshop Atelier  where the Maestro will teach you how to make, decorate and leather your art ceramics.

It will be a fun afternoon and you will learn a lot of new things. Interpreter, tea and pastries included.

A Vespa tour on the hills

Do not miss 4 hours

There is an Italian song on this theme! Yes it is a feeling that must be experienced at least once: Go alone or in pairs with a special vintage 50 or a more modern scooter to discover the hills of Bologna. Your Vespa tour guide will open the route and show you the stages the most significant among the ancient monasteries, the panoramic views and WW II memorials, the sumptuous villas ... You cannot miss the Beverly hills of Bologna and the famous Sanctuary of San Luca, a true symbol that dominates the city. A very fun 4 hour ride!

A special dinner: a dive in the green

In depth

From April to October, it is possible to have a special dinner in enchanting places where you will first prepare your dinner by learning from your host how to do. Your dinner is served outside, in the middle of a lawn or on a romantic terrace, perhaps surrounded by fireflies, cicadas, or if you are luckier, the deer roar ... You are not at restaurant, you are with friends and you choose your music ... everything is customizable to celebrate your evening.

Drive a supercar in Modena

In depth 

There are several possibilities for driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. All you need is a driver's license, being perfectly sober and following the instructions of your co-pilot next to you. The road is yours, the car awaits you and you will travel miles of enchanting country road, chosen however to alternate straight lines and curves with stimulating radius! from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, different prices.

A guide, a certitude

A guide, a certitude


A good guide must not only know ... She must know how to do it, with everyone and in all situations.


Know how to change the operating mode and get off the lecturer's pedestal to meet the expectations of those who visit the beautiful country. Being able to help or remedy it in case of unforeseen events.


GuideInBologna offers its parallel experience to help you even in case of complications during your vacation in Emilia-Romagna.


It’s important to know who to trust when you’re away from home.

  • Baby sitting
  • Daily assistance to single people who do not wish to visit or travel
  • Emergency assistance
  • Translation
  • Italian lessons
  • Conversation in Italian
  • Private drivers
  • Transfer
  • Bed and breakfast

We will also be able point trusted travel agents to reschedule your flights, trips, hotels in an emergency.