Food and wine

The land of Italian Cuisine and  Pellegrino Artusi

The discovery of a new dish is more valuable to mankind than the discovery of a new star.

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

History, recipes and tastings.

No doubt about the fact that Pellegrino Artusi is the godfather of eating well, nevertheless our cities have long history and therefore different traditions also with regards to gastronomy. A fertile land, plains bathed by numerous rivers, well-exposed hills are ideal conditions for extracting genuine ingredients from nature to create great specialties ... and great wines.

If you are in the city we can take a food walking tour to discover the tradition strolling through markets and shops. we can arrange cooking class at the best conditions and in the best locations.

If you have a vehicle or you want a driver, why not taking a gastronomic excursion including a tasting at a producer of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (they are not easily accessible places without an expert guide) or a prosciutto ( ham) production.

I advise you to complete your day with a guided tour of a  balsamic vinegar production to taste the real Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, a product as rare and precious as it is unique in the world.

There is no shortage of wineries in the region and we can also define a wine tour to talk about wines with an expert guide and taste together.

We also have  the  best  restaurant in the world and many others  2 and 3 stars by Michelin...  do not resist. Also have a look at the Experience page.


Bologna la Grassa

Must-see 3 hours

Visiting two food markets in the historic center of Bologna, we will discover narrow and colourful streets of the Mercato di mezzo. Guide in Bologna will tell you legends, recipes and anecdotes. From tagliatelle to lasagna, from Certosino to tortellini, each typical dish has its own story and its own rules! At each corner of the street, a historic boutique offers its delicacies to your cameras zooms. We will taste a Majani chocolate, mustard and of course parmigiano, mortadella and many other products from the region. All the tasting will be included in a  pre-established “carefree” spending package for tastings of ham, mortadella, olives, balsamic vinegar, typical breads, ice cream, chocolate, wine.

Piadina and Crescente versus Pizza

In depth itinerary 2,5 hours

 Everybody knows pizza but... This is a funny food guided tour of Bologna to know more about two important specialties of the region and go around the city to taste them combined in different ways with a glass of local wine sand vote for your preferred  tasting. All the tasting will be included in a  pre-established “carefree” spending package for tastings The only reasoning will be to understand if you really prefer pizza. Do not book for dinner that day!

TheGelato tour

In depth itinerary 2,5 hours

A city tour with a dose of culture and surprise stops to taste the best ice cream in town. Rigorously handcrafted, with their history and their personalized flavors. 4 glaciers on the course but we never get tired of it!

Cooking lesson

In depth 3/ 4 hours

There are a lot of suggestions on the web, too many I would say.   My advice is to  to choose with a guide: They take place in private houses or in small groups in laboratories. We recommend that you book in advance. they often include the lunch  according to what you have prepared by yourself.

Outside Bologna, with a private vehicle or a driver

Duration varying from 3 to 8 hours.

Parmigiano e Balsamico

Must-see 4 ore

This  morning  guided excursion to reach on time with your food expert guide the place where Parmigiano Reggiano wheels are made. Step by step, we will discover with amazement how the king of cheeses is made and where thousands of Parmigiani are aged on very high shelves. We will taste with a Lambrusco wine. We continue our epicurean journey to discover the mysterious traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena. You will learn why the traditional is a rare and expensive product, but above all you will know how to avoid fake products! There will be a tasting to educate our palate to that of the Dukes of Este! Possibility to buy local products directly at kilometer 0 price.

Wine in the west

In depth 3 hours

We are about 40 km from Bologna. This wine guided tour  can be  added to other ad combined with others saving time and money.  We can visit different wineries from dynamic organic or simply traditional vineyards and visit the wine cellars.  On request possibility to extend the pleasure of the day with a gourmet lunch in a XIIth Century hamlet on the heights with an enchanting landscape and typical organic wines. The dishes prepared are divine, the magnificent view and the atmosphere really relaxing.

Wine in the east

In depth 3 hours

Dozza, just 27 km from Bologna, is one of the most beautiful small villages in Italy. With this excursion to Dozza, we enjoy the view on the hills planted with vines with breathtaking sight over the whole plain. In addition, this "painted" village houses the regional wine cellar with more than 800 labels. We visit the fortified hamlet and its castle with very interesting murals and we dive into the old kitchens to taste the selection of the sommelier.

Along the Po, Parmigiano e Culatello

In depth itinerary

This guided food excursion close to Parma reveals a rare and noble product to us : Culatello is considered the noblest and most expensive of coldcut meats and rightly demands to be discovered and tasted in a place of great charm, an ancient estate that we will visit together. Each stone will seduce you and if you decide to stay for lunch, both Michelin-starred restaurant or the tavern will leave an intense memory. Along the way, we will not miss a production of Parmigiano Reggiano with technical but clear explanations on the production process before tasting.

Prosciutto and Parmigiano

must see 4 hours

This is a prefect food excursion from Bologna, Modena or Parma. The visit to the cheese dairy provides expert explanations from the guide to follow the production of the Parmigiano Reggiano millstones. In stages, we will discover with amazement how the king of cheeses is made and where thousands of Parmigiani are aged on very high shelves. We will taste with a Lambrusco wine. We continue with a visit to a producer of Parma ham in Langhirano or Modena DOP ham in the province with tasting. The visit can be extended with a cellar, a vinegar factory or a lunch in a fabulous place.

Other proposals in the Experiences section.