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Are you planning a weekend in Emilia Romagna? Are you already here and want to deepen your visit? Maybe you've already been to Bologna and want to discover secret corners of the city?


Great! Here you will find many proposals for guided tours and unforgettable experiences throughout Emilia Romagna.


Emilia Romagna is a "trendy" destination and discovering it in a pleasant and responsible way also depends on your choices: remember that only the perfect knowledge of such a rich and varied territory will be able to optimize times and costs without sacrificing satisfaction and safety. I am an licensed official tour guide, graduated in Tourism and Art history and I defend the values of our profession: passion, competence, know-how, honesty. Do not hire a fake guide, it is illegal and could cost you a lot.


With your family, as a couple, with friends, on business trips or with cultural groups or, why not, for a special event, I can elaborate for you a guided tour of Bologna, Modena, Parma, Ferrara or Ravenna... or a "tailor-made" itinerary built together thanks to the site's live chat.


Welcome to the soul of Bologna! Just the soul that is not found in an App or a book guide, nor with the lost finger on the map. Let yourself be kidnapped, relax and walk with your guide!

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Authorised tourist guide =  LEGAL, SAFE, INSURANCE , UPDATES,  competence, trainings.

You will access places normally not accessible without an authorized guide.

Customisation of routes, places and times  according to your needs.

Perfect acquaintance of the geography, Food&wine and socio-cultural preparation in the region. 

Short degree in art and Technique of Tourism make my tours cultural and practical.

The guarantee of quality and experience of organisation and guiding for over 18 years.



Guide in Bologna, the right tour for you... ever!


First time in Bologna or Emilia? For each city choose a MUST SEE Itinerary to get to know the places, the foods, the main characteristics of these places.


You already know this beautiful region, and you want to deepen one or more topics? For each city choose one of the in-depth itineraries and you will discover many secrets and curiosities.

Discover all the secrets in Bologna


Arcades, towers and crowed squares are the scenery for a vibrant Bologna where the old university, the gastronomy, the colours and the architectures are protagonist. Interiors also revels outstanding frescoes by the Bolognese school.

Modena and its surroundings


Enzo Ferrari's and Luciano Pavarotti's birth place, home of Balsamic vinegar, the historical center is very elegant with Piazza Grande (Unesco) and the ducal palace actually seat of a prestigious military academy.

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Close to the beach, city of mosaics where Roman Emperors, goths and byzantines had lived, Ravenna boasts 8 UNESCO monuments, unique in the world and built about 1500 years ago. Ravenna is also sheltering Dante Alighieri's grave.

Discover Parma


Once Duchy for the Farnese, then for Maria Luigia, Parma preserves several artistic witnesses of its past and is now a charming, aristocratic town. A "passeggiata" is on compulsory singing Verdi of course!

Discover Ferrara


UNESCO granted town and paradise for bikes, the movie makers love it because of its metaphysical atmosphere with palazzi, the Este Castel, the cathedral and the jewish ghetto.

Taste Emilia Romagna


You are right in the historical cradle of best Italian food, in towns or around in the countryside, here are the best proposals for a unique food and wine experience.

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Welcome to the Motor Valley where you can leave whole heartedly the world of prestigious vehicle made in Emilia Romagna! Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, Pagani.



Would you like to create your own mosaic or artistic ceramic with a famous Maestro? Drive a Vespa up to the rolling hills? Have a drink on a top of a tower? Dine in a field with fireflies all around? Have a cooking lesson in private home and enjoy your lunch with your host? All this and more is possible on demand.

I can't wait planning the best tour for you!


Extract from the article "THE GRIFFONI POLYPTYCH": I will tell you the incredible story of the Griffoni polyptych that even Covid has not stopped!

More than 500 years ago in Bologna, the Griffoni family commissioned from Ferraresi artists, a beautiful polyptych to decorate their chapel in San Petronio. In the 18th century, the old-fashioned  polyptych was dismantled and its pieces completely forgotten ... or almost. But where did they end up?

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"Dear Nathalie, we are now home and we can't stop talking about our experiences with you. We learned so much with the various visits and are still overwhelmed by the knowledge of the charming young lady called Nathalie. We thank you again for all you did for us. It was a pleasure meeting you, and we trust our paths will cross once again in the future. We also talk about your very positive outlook on life, and how each experience, positive or negative adds to the total; wonderful philosophy."