The land of Italian genius and talent

Passion cannot be described, it can only be lived.

Enzo Ferrari

Welcome to Modena, a province blessed by the Gods. A fertile and generous land of genius and talent. Traditional Balsamic vinegar or Ferrari, Luciano Pavarotti, La Maserati and even Lambrusco immediately come to mind.


Located on the Via Emilia, the ancient Roman Mutina would become centuries after the new capital of the Estense Duchy. The result of that troubled and fragmented history is all around you during the guided tour of Modena: A surprising mix of colors, styles and materials where the Baroque explodes on some city buildings while the pure Romanesque imposes itself in the cathedral in Piazza Grande.

After admiring this wonderful complex granted by UNESCO in 1997, the possibilities are many within the city with different guided tours that can be combined to make your visit a special and very pleasant moment:


Modena is easily revealed with a guided walking tour called MUST-SEE which lasts about 2,5 hours or with IN DEPTH itineraries listed below.

The Province is also full of surprises and small towns with treasures almost unknown to mass tourism. In the hills, there are many villages and hamlets with castles to discover, in the plain  two treasures SASSUOLO and CARPI. 

For motors and gastronomy, see also my proposals in the dedicated sections. See you in Modena!

Modena Best-seller

Must-see 2,5 hours

This guided walking tour of Modena  is the best  to introduce the city and its symbols following the historical development from Roman times until today, talking about the UNESCO Piazza Grande, the Estense dynasty and famous people of the city such as Ferrari or Pavarotti. You will admire the Romanesque marvellous cathedral, the Ghirlanda tower, the town hall and its historic rooms (inside if available), the food market with its exquisite liberty style, the ancient ghetto area, the ducal palace (outside) .

Modena, and the Estensi

In depth 2,5 hours

This guided walking tour of  the famous Este family takes us to admire the exterior of the immense Ducal Palace, some significant streets of the period, the church of Sant Agostino with extraordinary funerary decoration and the Palazzo dei Musei with selected works of the period, founded by an Este!

Eccellenze modenesi

In depth 3 hours

This guided walking tour of Modena puts Pavarotti, Bernini, Ferrari & balsamico on the stage. For those who have already visited the Piazza Grande, we will then go to admire the outside of the Pavarotti Opera House, a targeted selection of masterpieces at the museum, we will taste the home made Balsamic vinegar and finish at the city's Ferrari Mef Museum.

Out of city with a vehicle:

Sassuolo and its Palazzo ducale

In depth 2,5 hours

This guided walking tour of the Ducal Palace of  Sassuolo is amazing! Located 19km from Modena, it is difficult to describe the magnificence of this Palace wanted by the Este as it is always  a revelation for visitors for its extreme  beauty and richness inside. No need to queue, it is  a hidden treasure that you can't miss! With colossal dimensions on the outside, the rooms with vaulted ceilings reveal one after the other  a crescendo baroque frescoes among the best in Italy.

Pavarotti and music in Modena

In depth 2,5 hours

With this  guided excursion we will visit the house of the great Tenor where we can admire in each room furnished by him,  memorabilia and memories of his career. We will stop at the cemetery where he rests with his family and we will end if you wish at the restaurant he created together with a friend. Another fundamental step of his life.

Carpi and the small San Pietro

In depth 2,5 hours

 With this guided excursion in the plain, we discover Carpi,  the ancient lordship of the Pio family is a surprise... or a dream?  With the largest square in Italy and the prettiest church in the region, a miniature of San Pietro in Rome, the mighty castle is a precious shrine for several museums. Another very old church, the endless square, and beautiful colours to complete the canvas ... Just outside is the sadly famous deportations hub.

Balsamic vinegar, Parmigiano Reggiano and other

In depth 3 hours

This Yummy excursion in Emilia Romagna is doable only in the morning we can visit a production of Parmigiano Reggiano following the whole procedure, to follow a vinegar factory to discover the traditional balsamic vinegar and finally a producer of Lambrusco. (see also the wine & gastronomy section).