guided tours ? Ready, steady... Go !

Dear Italy lovers,

June 3rd is at the door, it's a date that holds our breath because the borders will open. A breath of fresh air is going to come back to blow our hair on the streets of Bologna ... Yes, I want to believe it: Maybe the attraction of Italy will be stronger than the reluctance, that the warm  Italian hospitality will be more powerful that economic limitations, that the thirst for culture will be dried up here in front of the facades of our palaces and that Stendhal syndrome will be a new symptom of a new disease, to spread this time from North to South: Travelling.

But let's remain lucid and careful! Regional regulations impose until further notice to protect our visitors and to protect us. To welcome you in full compliance with these rules, here is how a guided tour takes place:

  • The guide wears a mask indoors and a transparent visor covering  the face outdoors (more fun to see the smile!)
  • Participants if they are not part of the same family wear a mask.
  • I distribute sanitising gel in a press bottle often during the visit.
  • The distance between participants if they are not part of the same family is 1 meter (the spaces are large!)
  • Using radios transmitters  are compulsory and systematically disinfected by a specialised company.
  • I will have to put all your names on a list that I keep at the disposal of the authorities for traceability.

In churches and museums it is more complicated ... you have to book in advance, and access is limited and the rooms are small. So we will prefer the exteriors but after 2 months of quarantine I think that it won't displease anyone and there is so much to see.

To enjoy a more normal visit and finish together with a coffee or a drink on a terrace ... we will have to wait a little longer, but if the heart is there, it is the intention that counts.

Do not all plan in 2021, we will not be able to cope, it is now that we need you!

I'm waiting for you...

Baci from Italy!