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Tourist guide

In each region of Italy, our profession is strictly regulated, in order to assure our visitors the best services and serious organisation in leading the visit... Do not trust an “illegal” guide as it could cost you a lot of money!

Our Law 47/07 art.10 + the additional Dir. 2005/36/CE art.5 distinguish specific rules for the tourist guide in Bologna and heavy fines or sanctions for unauthorized people and/or travel agencies employing them.

Rates 2018 per service tourist guide 1) Half day 2.5 hours max* 2) Full day 5 hours *
corporates agenzie on request on request
Tailored private tour Min 15 € Max 70 €/pers Min 25 € Max 125 €/pers
Group up tu 25 people € 140..00 € 250.00
For each extra person € 2.00 € 3.00
Extra hour + € 40.00 + € 40.00
Multilingual service + € 35.00 + € 50.00
Meeting point out of the historical city center + € 10.00 + € 10.00
exhibitions and tailored visits to be agreed to be agreed
And , please, keep in mind that price is what you pay... ...but value is what you get !

Duration: To be considered from the established meeting time... I need to be informed about any change at least one day in advance.

1) Half Day: According to the meeting point, the visit will last 2.5 hours up to 3 hours (on request a shorter itinerary is possible).

2) Full day: According to the meeting point, the visit will last 2.5 hours up to 3 hours in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon. Thus, a full day tour is rarely more than 5 hours. Maximum lunch break duration is 2 hours which is NOT calculated in my time. My Lunch is NOT on your behalf unless you desire my presence with you at lunch.

Attending number: The rate is calculated according to the prior booked number of travelers unless this number has increased. Any variation should be communicated. Maximum outdoors is 45 people  whereas for museums or specific monuments maximum is 25 people attending the visit (per guide).

Gratuity: One gratuity applied for group of 25 people.

Cancellation: From 48 hours up to 24 hours before the visit , 50% of the fixed price is due. After 24 hours , the total amount of the visit is due.

Entrance fees: Headphones for groups > 7 pax: 1,50€ per person to access the churches.

Visit to Anatomical theatre University 3 € per person ( optional )

Visit to San Domenico  Church1 € per person ( optional )

Visit to Santo Stefano abbey 1 € per person ( optional )


Tour leader

Rates 2018 per service cultural tour leaderand manager in Italy, in the World Half day max 4 hours (only first/last day) Full day max 9 hours
Italy / Europe € 150.00 € 280.00
Other destinations No € 180.00
Extra hour (or part of it) including transportation time € 40.00 € 40.00
Extra charge for multilingual service € 40.00 € 50.00
Transfert from/to Bologna Airport, max 3 hours € 110.00 NO
Travel Agency, tour operators to be agreed to be agreed
hostess fairs/ exhibitions no 140