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Tour Leader, Walking tour, Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Ravenna

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Tour Leader, Walking tour, Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Ravenna
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If you visit Bologna with “Guide in Bologna”, you choose a different way to know the city, with amusement, competence and passion. With your family or as a business group, we are able to offer tailored walking tours of Bologna, full of life, as Bologna is so rich with curiosities.

To know is not enough, know how is even more important... that is the reason why Guide in Bologna are professional guides officially recognized by the National authorities and all Museums... with a private guide in Bologna, you choose to live the history of Bologna, its historical palaces and great families, its beautiful monuments and churches, its museums and art collections without worrying about booking fees, and queues at the entrances...

Surprising, colourful, italian more than others, Bologna displays arcades and nice façades as a background for Opera... During the guided walking tours, Trompe l'oeil paintings and terra cotta are awaiting you while sciences inherited from the oldest university in the world, jewish quarter, gastronomy and music will trouble you.

Guide in Bologna organize exclusive walking tours with private openings of the hidden treasures of Bologna: from the beautiful palaces once owned by senators and noble families, to the small oratories (Santa Maria della Vita, Santa Cecilia...), together with those museums left out of the standard itineraries (University museums, communication museum, music museum, Medieval collections, tapestry Museum and more).

So, if you prefer not to “discover” Bologna reading a guidebook and looking for monuments on your map... Relax yourself and follow the guide!